Suyama, SPD in The Vancouver Sun: “Let the site speak to you”
The Home Front: Letting the landcape speak for itself

“Getting out of the way and letting the natural landscape speak for itself is something West Coast architects like George Suyama of Seattle’s Suyama Peterson Deguchi specialize in. Suyama and his team take a unique approach when designing a home — once the obvious factors like the site; where the wind is coming from and the sun hits and the neighbours are ­— have been established.

‘We start thinking about our project as a place and not an object,” he says. ‘Places are conceptually as simple as a rock outcropping which protects you from the wind, where you can put a campfire and a bedroll. It’s that simple and if we think about those principals and apply those to how we were creating interior spaces, we’re not trying to do an egocentric elevation or an object, we’re trying to actually do the opposite of that; let the site and whatever the program is speak to you.”