George Suyama and Jay Deguchi Discuss “In-Between” at the University of Washington
In-Between: Exhibit Opening and Lecture with George Suyama and Jay Deguchi

On January 14, 2015, George Suyama and Jay Deguchi discussed “In-Between” at the University of Washington’s Gould Hall (click the link below to watch). They spoke about Suyama Peterson Deguchi’s exhibit, In-Between, the very first installation at the George Suyama Gallery at the newly opened Gould Pavilion. Prof. Ken Tadashi Oshima of the UW Department of Architecture hosted this conversation, part of the Winter 2015 lecture series of the Department of Architecture, which is commemorating its 100th year.

In-Between encourages us to think about decisions architects must make while designing buildings. A quote from this conversation by Jay Deguchi: “(Architecture) is not all about producing pretty images, but making something that is appropriate to the client, to the place.”

The Gallery opening and exhibit series honor the legacies of George Suyama FAIA and five other esteemed UW College of Built Environments alumni who are namesakes for spaces within Gould Pavilion. The exhibit runs through February 22.

In-Between: Conversation with George Suyama and Jay Deguchi (video)