Luxe Profiles SPD Partner and Sculptor Chris Haddad

Chris Haddad speaks to his desire to achieve a timeless, understated quality and abstraction in both his architecture and his art in Luxe magazine’s Winter 2015 issue. With muses that include Alberto Giacometti, Constantin Brancusi, Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn, Chris also cites inspiration in his daughter’s uninhibited nature, and enjoys the work of upstate New York artist Ian McMahon–who recently had an installation at Suyama Space–as an artist to keep an eye on. Chris’s sculptures are featured in galleries and private collections nationwide and can found locally in Seattle at Suyama Peterson Deguchi’s retail shop, 3 x 10. Congratulations, Chris!

“Every architect should make something with their own hands – it’s essential for an architect to understand how to put together a great building. And when you travel, make time to experience as much good architecture as you can, and use all of your senses when experiencing a place.” – Chris Haddad

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