Broadmoor Residence

This project is about space that is created between a site’s topography and its architectural forms. The result is a house that is seamless in its connection to the landscape. The house is sited on the edge of a golf course fairway, which flows onto the site and through the house. The main roof of the house, with its exposed timber rafters and wood decking, creates a sense of shelter, as you might find in a primitive landscape structure. While all of the compositional moves reinforce the spatial connection to the landscape, the crisp architecture acts as a counterpoint to the natural topography. This juxtaposition accentuates the organic form of the landscape. The spaces in the house are defined by the topography, a shed roof, three rectangular volumes, a chimney, and concrete landscape walls. The containment of the spaces within the three rectangular volumes heightens the spatial experience of the main living space’s expanse and connection to the landscape. The synergy of landscape and architecture leaves one with a feeling of belonging.

Interiors by Suyama Peterson Deguchi


  • AIA/Seattle Honor Award, Broadmoor Residence — 2005
  • AIA/Northwest Honor Award, Broadmoor Residence— 2005
  • International Interior Design Association, Honorable Mention, Schuchart Residence — 2009